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64 ratings
  1. Please am using Gionee Gns but I can’t install this app. What do I do

  2. I’m working as a driver in careem, the matter that I can’t download careem app. For the driver.. It’s not founded in play store at all.

  3. Hi BHUNESHWAR just download the App-File U need & click it…and there you go__Viola installed!!!

  4. Bhuneshwar 3 weeks ago

    Im Bhuneshwar dhankar my problem is that i cannot install Google play stor apps in my cellphone.please help me.Thanks.

  5. aelkhateeb 3 weeks ago

    It’s real fun, better more games then App Store, and its just so amazing

  6. Rating:

    Hai i need help my phone had a virus so i need clean it up,but went i enter it dosent works state at my phone go to play store to clear up the virus.

  7. liuzhuoqun 2 months ago


  8. HASSAN A USMAN. 2 months ago

    I’m using China phone and I want to downloaded some application each time they keep asking me code, and the phone is China language pl’s can you help me. Thanks

  9. BYARUHANGA ROBERT 3 months ago

    My playstore is not working plz hlp me it is just showing me something went wrong try again later

  10. rajabhishek 3 months ago

    I am Abhishek Raj my problem is that i cannot install Google play store apps in my laptop.Please help me.Thanks.

  11. joe humpfree 4 months ago

    my google play store is not responding especially when i want to use my SNAPCHAT. please help .thanks

  12. david Ngetich Kipsang 4 months ago

    My play store cannot work it needs to update asking me for a code which I don’t know how to get. Please help.

  13. Rating:

    This saves us bandwidth because if an update of an app is available, it only downloads a part which is needed to update, not the whole package. which is very good.

  14. I need google playstore latest version formy android 2.3.6
    Please help me

  15. Rating:

    PS is getting better and better. Sometimes it stuck but otherwise it is fine!

  16. why i cannot download google play store apps on my mobile (galaxy mini-android)? Please help me . Thanks….

  17. Rating:

    This app is not working in my Camon CX, i don’t know what’s the problem. Always asking me 2 either, open or close the app ad send the feedback. There are so many things i want to download, pliz help me.

  18. yogesh kaushik 7 months ago

    Use google play for more than downloading apps and updates like books. Though It has become more complicated with play safe feature.

  19. Rating:

    PS is getting better these days but the only problem is that some of the best apps are not available.

  20. Why can’t I download the latest version google play store APK android to my iPad??

  21. Deepesh pant 8 months ago

    Play store download speed is very slow and app not working properly please slove my problem…

  22. Nicholas Imafidon 8 months ago

    merry Christmas and happy new year,I love you because u guys are the best

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